Our Company

Founded by Tim Lee in 2012 as a spin off from Eskel Porter Consulting (EPC), Quantum Resolve Inc. was created to provide continuing services to the multitude of clients relying upon  Tim as Director of the Infor/Hansen product division within EPC.  Quantum Resolve continues to be a valuable partner with Infor.  Tim brings 27 years of Hansen experience beginning when he aligned with the family owned Hansen business in 1991. The Quantum Resolve team consists of former Infor/Hansen members bringing their expertise to provide efficient and creative solutions for implementing the Infor/Hansen products.  Quantum Resolve works with each client to combine the best industry practices obtained over years of experience with the business requirements for that specific client.  Quantum Resolve is an industry leader at making the Infor/Hansen solution work best for all municipality sizes ranging from the smallest of customers seeking to avoid loads of IT overhead, to the much larger customer dealing with multiple departments and wide system integrations. It is this personal touch that Quantum Resolve can give by being a boutique consulting shop. Customers feel like they are the only project for our team with their success as our primary mission.

Our success

Since 1991, Tim has been molding the Infor/Hansen products to customer specifics.  Quantum Resolve continues that tradition.  One example is a recent project with Union Sanitary District.   Quantum Resolve did more than just migrated a large Infor/Hansen Asset System for them.  We transformed it into a real Asset Management System that the district can now use to maintain and evaluate all future aspects of the multi-city infrastructure. These benefits are critical in the future of the district to create time and cost savings. Quantum Resolve provides more than just a one time service for our customers.  It is truly a relationship developed as many clients extend their contracts with us for continued support, new implementations of other projects, and development of new departments using the Infor/Hansen system. In addition to the success Quantum Resolve has in implementing the Infor/Hansen product line, we configure third party add-ons to Infor Public Sector (IPS) such as the SCADA products, GIS products, and online Portal products. All of these contribute to a powerful system that can take your city into the future.

Our partners

Quantum Resolve brings the added benefit of its strategic alliances for a solution that is well rounded and integrates into any municipality's infrastructure. We work closely with our partners to design a system created specifically for the needs of each municipality.  Some of these powerful  partnerships include: