For each interface that will be converted to IPS, an analysis will be completed to determine functionality of the interface, as well as any data points the interface will touch.  The requirements of the interface will be documented in a Scope Requirements Document (SRD); which will outline functionality of the interface, affected systems within the IPS application, and affected systems outside of IPS.

The interfaces will be re-developed to work within the IPS framework.  This re-development may be a combination of custom applications, IPS workflow formulas, and database objects; depending on the particular situation.  If the Agency has chosen to purchase the Infor Web Services which are the standard API’s for the IPS product line, then any interfaces requiring external custom code will be written using these web services as the bridge to the IPS business objects.  The use of these web services will enable the use of the workflow already existing in the application or any future workflow without any need to re-develop the interface itself.  The re-developed interfaces will have the same functionality as the original interfaces.

Development of any new interfaces will follow the same process as any re-developed interfaces, with the addition of more emphasis on the requirements gathering and the creation of the SRD.  Since the SRD is the basis for the test plan, it is imperative that all business requirements and flows are collected along with current and future environments.  This creates a clear picture of the requirement and enables a solution to be created in the interface.

To fully test the interfaces, it is necessary that QR have access to a test instance of any outside systems that will be affected.  In the case where access is not available, an export of any necessary databases or tables will be acceptable.  QR will unit test the interfaces in-house to ensure that they match the requirements outlined previously.  Once the interfaces have been tested, QR will deliver the interfaces to the Agency with any necessary instructions on installation and use.  The interfaces will then be tested again on the Agency's network to ensure full functionality.  After delivery of the completely configured and converted IPS application, the interfaces will again be tested to ensure that they work within the realm of the overall IPS system.