IPS has a built in function called Ad Hoc Reporting that allows the user to define tabular reports based on a single business object.  For each of these reports the user can define which fields to be displayed and the criteria in which the data is to be filtered on.  Each of these can be saved, reused and the data can be exported to Excel. 

If a more robust report is necessary then the use of Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Reporting can be used to connect directly with the database.  QR has experience with report writing and can develop or support the user in the creation of any necessary reports.  QR has templates that we have created over the years which can help speed up the report development process.

During Configuration, QR takes the defined customizations requested by the Agency that have been documented in the BPR and creates them in IPS.  As these customizations are created, and especially if more questions come out of the development of these, mockups will be created and pushed into the development environment at the Agency for that group(s) to review.  The final solution will be created and also altered in the BPR to represent the final solution.  Most of the development will happen in the internal builds at QR, and only when questions or reviews are necessary will the Agency be brought into this portion of the project.